Best Moab Mountain Bike Half Day Tours

  • Experience the magic of Slick Rock with some of the longest continuous slabs in Moab to ride down and climb up as well as adventure riding through sandy washes completing one of the most versatile cross country loops ever!

  • Porcupine Rim is one of the top trails in the world to come and ride. Starting at the UPS/LPS juncture within five minutes riders will enjoy views of the epic Castle Valley and the Colorado River.

  • This finely crafted route is comprised of three great intermediate trails starting with the flowy trail Eagle Eye, followed with the most recently built trail in Moab, Hawks Glide, finishing with some of the most accessible exposure to Moab style riding on Falcon Flow.

  • If you are an experienced rider we all say: DO NOT LEAVE MOAB WITHOUT DOING THIS!

  • This extensive 20 mile trail system is a great choice for both intermediate and advanced riders.

  • As one of the most scenic spots in Moab this trail system built in 2014 winds through red rock cliffs with stunning geological features up close and under your wheel combined with desert vistas.

  • A real Moab wonder, this trail system is different from classic Moab riding.

  • With old school smoothe and sometimes narrow trails salt and peppered with a little rock this is a great place for a beginner and intermediate “Moab Cross Country Experience”.

  • With the reputation of the most easy trails with a view, Deadhorse truly has baby bum smooth sections as well as some hidden gem beginner and intermediate technical.