Amasa Back: Hyamasa, Captain Ahab, Rockstacker & Jackson: MUST DO for Advanced Riders

If you are an experienced rider we all say: DO NOT LEAVE MOAB WITHOUT DOING THIS! Up the beautiful Kane Creek Canyon is one of the most stunning and magical places in Moab with riding that has the most advanced technical features for a single black condensed into Ahab and Rockstacker; and introduces a double black on Jackson. For a rider with fitness and a willingness to learn there is the blue trail Hyamas that will help you build your tech uphill and downhill skill like nowhere else in Moab. The single black trail Captain Ahab by far, when consulting our climbing & downhill lovers, is one of the most fun rides you will ever do. Our guides can treat you to lines, advice about handling your bike, and cheer you on up the climbs.

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